With Hungry Cannibals

With Hungry Cannibals

Pretend it’s two years ago and we’ll go through this once more. You had apple-y cheeks and you were so funny I melted. When you made fun of me I wanted you. When you wanted me I had sex with other people. Pretend it’s two years ago. I got this. 

I’m taking stock and so far you’ve told me I look like:

Juliette Lewis
An extra on Modern Family
Angie Harmon
Kyra Sedgwick
Jenny Slate
Lana Del Rey

Pretend our chemistry is some electrical work and devote yourself. Do you hear how deep I breathe when I get your texts? You’re so funny your jokes slide inside me and I giggle and bubble and breathe and I burst. Did you hear how dirty that “lol” was?

Once you dreamt I was stranded on an island with hungry cannibals. When I called you, you told me to leave the island. But I refused so you had to come get me. “I don’t know why you were so hell-bent on staying”. When you came to get me I still refused to leave. I refused and refused until you were chased by cannibals.

I read in a dream dictionary that cannibalism symbolizes forbidden desire.

When I asked you to marry me I was serious. I’d like to be your bride. I’ll probably buy a flower crown from Stone Fox Bridal and we’ll get you orange cords and we'll dress from the 70's. Pretend I didn’t move to this coast and pretend you aren’t planning your life with her and plan your life with me.

Background: We're good friends. I like to think we're like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. We'll always be in each other's lives even when there are other lovers.