a love walks by

a love walks by
Poetry by Yael Kotel

a love walks bythe grass is greenlove follows

successive yearningscome outside mewhat do I say?i feel their loveand then theywalk away

i love your visits

the sensations
how I believe you love me

in the very long silence

of our journey
your mind and my mind

as though my entire life
has still to begin.
caught in a nothing spot
the nothing of beauty
is the nothing of isolation.
i am one of those cleaned up buildings,
i say, that calm bamboo feeling.

girl on horseback

film of love
artichoke stuffed
plump dates
freshly picked.

the language of time. travel.

the not-always-so-formed
can be beautiful
and should be recognized
by the bearer as such.

where you are

what you are –
recognize as such
let me tell you
your heart is a sanctuary.