Neil Young you are my hero

Neil Young you are my hero

You mean so much to me
You used to date my auntie
You’re part of my history

And if you had not let her go
Who knows who knows how the story’d go
Who knows who knows if id be here today
Neil Young you give me goosebumps
And you’re older than my dad

And when you were my age Neil
So good, and yet so bad
Your words and tunes all ring so true
Where would we be neil without you?

Ruth tell me tales of how it used to be
Neil young you rock my soul out
You make me sing and dance
And play guitar or drums Neil

True beauty at a glance
Rock on neil, don’t stop.
The new you isn’t old
The raw emotion to sentimentality

A transition to be told
Sweet home Manitoba
Don’t need nothing new up here
Neil young you are a legend
Meet me for wine and beer

Discover Me

Discover Me


I know you are yet to discover your feelings, but mine are not secret to you

We are yet to learn each other's passions, but your eyes told me of your big heart

Yes, you are a disaster - late for our dates and your apartment is, well, a mess

But no one is perfect, including me - have luggage enough for two lives

What matters the most is your inner self: 

A humble person, a true friend, an addicted environmentalist, a woman with gorgeous eyes and a well of pure love in your heart

I choose you and believe in us - please accept and discover me


Your Gift

Your Gift
by Cassie McDaniel

You pinned me down and gave me something

I didn't know I needed –

Short glances, respectful naked distance

laughter after the gun smoke and sounds

glorious sounds: like television

I move past the despise and learn more

about loving life than I had ever loved in practice.

So you gave me sound and told me to sit still

While I filled every available cavity with dark

rich soil. Planted seeds and waited. “Grow grow grow”

we together chanted. You played the ukulele

in gentle insistence. Something

crept upward, the solid nut, the noun, the core,

and lodged forever in the hollow of my hands.