I don't have large claws

I don't have large claws

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Dear karuna bai,I'm very much touched by your sharing...I feel that you are one of my very special friends. I very much treasure this firendship and woild like it to grow. I enjoy your companyand your wonderful energy and spirit that you bring into any situation. I also see that you are a kindred spirit with many special talents, especially your ability to love and share love - one of the mostimportant for the World. I pray that your move to Spirit Fire is easy and joyful, and that it will be the beginning of a new stage in unraveling your life's purpose.Hope to see you after i come back in March!Light of friendship,

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>are you checking your email? i would bet that you are. how was your trip? seems like you should be growing accustomed to that particular journey?

>yesterday, i was confiding in a friend about my 'crush' on you. my friend says, XXX could have any woman that he wants. he has that charm. why do you think that he has feelings for you?'

>well, i'd like to know what your feelings are. 
>i don't have large claws that dig into the flesh of men that i'm interested in. i've found that the exchange of love is an extremely important part of my life. this exchange doesn't have to have old fashioned boundaries or well defined borders. i live to love. to be the recipient of my adoration (i believe) can be 

>for example...C and i have a wonderfully loving relationship. we share confidences and intimacies that are special. he is 'in love' with anna and i don't think that either of us feels a conflict about that. we don't kiss or make love but snuggle up, cry together and genuinely love one another up to the point of physical intimacy. 

>with you...i feel differently. perhaps it's because i don't know of any 'attachment' that you have with a partner so i look at you as a potential lover. you've given me no indication that you're interested in me in a physical way. that's okay. i would like to know, however, in what way you ARE interested (if at all.)

>whatever your response, it won't change my love for you. we are friends. 


>i am not a game playin kinda person. open and honest communication makes sense to me. it's in the spirit of truth and honesty that i'm writing to you.  i want you to know that i think about you in a completely amorous way....your response will help me keep my feelings based in reality and not in some unfounded expectation.
>i would love to know what your life in russia is like?
>i'm packing my things now and getting prepared to move next week. i'm used to being on the move. i like a life that keeps me fresh and growing. staying comfortable has, thus far, not been condusive to my spiritual growth. i find that i'm less fearful than ever about big change. my faith has grown.
>dear Friend, i hope that i'm overwhelming you. i hope that you will write back to me with an open heart. i don't expect anything more or less. you are a lovely man and i wish you goodness around every turn.


>in peace,
>karuna bai