Hey Boy

Hey Boy

I don’t stare at your knuckley hands
And imagine how they would feel
Along my neck, and across my cheeks
And behind my ears while I try to breath

I don’t watch the way your fingers move
To feel things out and start to woo
I don’t weaken when I see the lines of age
Across your shyly smiling face

I don’t notice when our bodies touch
When we stand together in the sun
And obviously when we talk about porn
It doesn’t ever turn me on

It’s totally innocent when we talk about sex
And the juiciest details of our past
I get no joy from erotic imagery
I don’t ever picture the woman as me’

Im not intrigued by your horniness
Or the fact that we both fall in love like this
Or that we get on like kindred spirits
Or that ive been waiting for a guy just like this
Im not into this at all.