Swedish Ikealists

i wish i had a brain scan performed by the infamous douglas houser m.d.
of course the bill would amount to a pretty bad hang over.
no coffee for the boys, thats soho girl art stuff.
im doing okay. that me comforting myself. i dont know anymore really.
i ask myself the same fifty two questions, then add a few more as the days change.
what am i supposed to do - be happy? its tough when you think happiness
is one thing then it turns on you and leaves you in search of another.
im fantastic. sorry. just having a minor breakdown.
got a couch. me laura and paolo picked it up yesterday. from a friend.
got a rug from the swedish ikealists. now a lamp and maybe a tv.
im not sure if i will return for easter. unsure. ill let you know.
i was thinking about you the other night. of all the smiles you gave me and still do.
i thought about how you never wore a skirt. just kidding. i think of you everytime i see
a park. i miss sitting in the park.